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Safety • Responsibility • Mindset

Verrett’s Tactical “VerTac” specializes in personal safety and street survival, bridging the gap between firearms range training and martial arts/self defense. We develop personal skill sets through dynamic hands-on firearms training for civilians, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. We are a group of experienced first responders that value bringing quality training to our communities.

Brandon Verrett Owner (MFCEO)

Brandon is a former Law Enforcement Officer and Security Contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. He is a graduate of the Napa Police Academy and the DOE Federal Security Police Academy where he was trained to the level of SRT. He has completed trainings with Haley Strategic, American Tactical and South Bay Regional Training Center. Brandon is an NRA certified firearms instructor and a martial arts instructor with a black belt in Kenpo full contact fighting.

Brad Anderson Operations Manager

Brad is highly trained in both firearms and Martial Arts. With a black belt in full contact Tae Kwon Do, Brad has studied many forms of martial arts. Brad is currently working as a Level 1 Fire Fighter. He has completed trainings with Haley Strategic, American Tactical, Front Sight, and is an NRA Certified instructor.

Cody Instructor

Cody currently operates Genesis Arms. Cody worked as a Police Officer for 8 years and was a SWAT officer and Sniper during his tenor. He is a graduate of the Idaho Police Academy, Washington State Tactical Officers Association SWAT Basic, Sniper Craft Basic Sniper Course, and he is a POST certified firearms instructor.  Cody also has a black belt in American Kenpo. He is a USMC Veteran Reconnaissance Marine who served with 1st Recon Bn and had 2 combat deployments under OIF campaign.

Eric Instructor

Eric currently works as a Police Officer. He is a VerTac certified instructor, an NRA certified Range Safety Officer, a certified EMT, and has extensive firearms training. Eric was awarded top shot in his Police academy and has trained with Kyle Defoor, Chuck Pressburg, Emerging Tactical Solutions, LMS Defense, Frank Proctor, Northern Red, Solar Tactical Training, VerTac, and Guerrilla Approach.

Chris Instructor

Chris is an NRA certified firearms instructor and is currently working as a Deputy Sheriff. With 20 years combined Martial Arts experience, he has a black belt in full contact Tai Kwon Do and is well rounded in Ju Jitsu, Muay Tai and MMA. Chris is a firearms and combatives instructor for VerTac and is the combatives instructor for his agency.

Deven Instructor

Deven is a Police Officer, a POST certified firearms Instructor and a NRA certified Range Safety Officer. He has years of real world experience in security contracting and has trained with some of the most notable companies such as VerTac, LMS Defense, Field Craft, GCS, and Chuck Pressburg. 

Drew RSO - EMT

Drew is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and has extensive firearms training. He has over 4 years of experience in the medical field. Drew is an EMT with experience handling serious trauma. He has completed assignments working as an EMT Operator for his Regional Emergency Response Team, a Team Leader for the DHS Covid task force. Drew is currently working as a TEMS Medic for 4 SWAT teams.

Ansel RSO

Ansel is a Marine Corps Veteran and a former Law Enforcement Officer with experience as a High Risk Security contractor including Executive protection and Maritime security. Ansel has trained with Travis Haley, Chris Costa, Bob Vogel, Frank Proctor, Northern Red, VerTac, Guerrilla Approach and is a POST and NRA certified Instructor/RSO.

Jenn RSO

Jenn has extensive Law Enforcement experience is currently working as a Police Detective. She is a boxer and a POST and NRA certified Instructor. Jenn has experience working CSI, Crisis Negotiation and Patrol. She brings a wealth of experience and personality to our training team.

Lou Umbay Instructor/RSO

Lou is a US Navy Veteran and a retired Sergeant of the CDCR having served more than 27 years. He has extensive experience on the CDCR Tactical SERT team and also worked professionally as a CDCR Rangemaster/Tac Firearms Instructor and Armorer. He has completed a wide variety of training and certs from notable companies such as LMS Defense, Costa Ludus, Modern Samurai Project, GCS, Front Sight, and VerTac. 


Jonathan is a Marine Corps Veteran and a NRA certified firearms instructor. His extensive firearms experience is a collection of both military training and civilian competitive shooting. Our RSO’s are part of our commitment to providing the safest training available.

Anna Administrative Overlord

Anna has multiple years of experience in management, sales, and customer service. She is the Administrative overlord who helps our customers and business partners.