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Fighting Shotgun - VerTac Training and Gear
Fighting Shotgun - VerTac Training and Gear
Fighting Shotgun - VerTac Training and Gear
Fighting Shotgun - VerTac Training and Gear

Fighting Shotgun

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People greatly underestimate what the shotgun is capable of, it is truly the thinking man's gun! IT IS NOT A SIMPLE “JUST POINT AND SHOOT” FIREARM.


A 12 gauge slug is a .72 caliber projectile. With the right training you can make accurate hits with a slug up to 150 yards! 12 gauge 00 buck fires nine .30 cal pellets at once! That is nine 9mm rounds all at once! A shotgun that carries 6 shells of 00 Buck has 54 .30 cal projectiles. This is why the shotgun is commonly referred to as the force multiplier!

In Fighting Shotgun we start with building a solid foundation of grip, stance, and sight alignment while focusing on safety, speed and efficiency. We advance up to clearing weapon malfunctions, slug changeovers, and multiple shooting positions. As the day progresses we start pushing speed and accuracy with the introduction of dynamic movement, use of cover, shooting on the move and multiple threat engagement. This class includes multiple live fire scenarios.

If you are serious about learning how to protect yourself and the people you care about with a shotgun this is the class for you.


  • Please wear weather appropriate, comfortable athletic clothing.
  • Pump or Semi Auto chambered in 12 Gauge (you must provide your own shotgun and
  • ammunition)
  • SLING, You must be able to safely sling your shotgun.
  • 250 Shot shells (minimum 50 00 buck self defense load)
  • 25 Slugs
  • Belt that can support your equipment
  • Shotshell holder/pouches (Ares gear or Esstac shell holders recommended)
  • Batteries for electronics
  • Weapons lube & tools
  • Hydration & water
  • Notepad & pen
  • Ear & eye protection (electronic ear protection recommended)
  • Personal protective equipment:
  • Gloves, knee, & elbow pads (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Body armor (optional)

Class deposit is required to hold your seat, the deposit is non refundable and the remaining balance must be paid within 2 weeks of your scheduled class date.