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VerTac SAP2

VerTac saw a deficiency in first responder and civilian readiness to a threat. In times of an exigent response, a small rig that contains essential equipment is paramount. 

The SAP2 fills the gap between unpreparedness and a full combat load out. The SAP2 placard puts at least 60 rounds of 5.56, 17 rounds of 9mm, a full service IFAK, and a tourniquet on your chest. The placard has what you need to create holes and plug them.

Being light and agile is a serious advantage in a gunfight. Getting up and down, moving from cover to cover, getting into awkward and unconventional shooting positions, and deploying equipment are all tasks that get much harder when you are weighed down with unnecessary equipment.

We've all been to that class where a student shows up in a full plate carrier with 6+ AR15 magazines, 5+ pistol magazines, a bulky IFAK with more chapstick and ibuprofen than hemostatic, multi tools, 40mm pouches, shotgun shell pouches, and enough morale patches to open up a small Etsy store. Now, I give that student praise for showing up to train, and for wearing full kit. A lot of people won't want to train in their kit for being to heavy, and a lot of people don't show up to training at all....But that's another topic. If reading the description of this student made you feel heavy, slow, and bulky, it should. I feel heavy and slow just typing it out.

What VerTac has accomplished is creating a placard that solves this issue. This placard is intended to "plus up" a load out in a critical situation. The SAP2 is compatible with all ITW/QASM systems, and will mount directly to your plate carrier with those buckles and female loop Velcro. With your loaded rifle and pistol, the SAP2 gets you to 90+ rounds of rifle ammunition and 35+ rounds of pistol ammunition. That, paired with a full service IFAK and Tourniquet, you have the potential to save yourself from massive hemorrhaging, or someone you care about.


VerTac partnered up with Esstac to produce the SAP2 based on VerTac's design. Esstac is a gear manufacturer that created the KYWI pouch. This nylon pouch uses a plastic insert to retain magazines with confidence. Run, jump, rappel upside-down, skydive, swim, go to hot yoga, or whatever else you need to do in a plate carrier, and that magazine will stay retained. We have yet to have a magazine fall out of a KYWI unintentionally. But, when that magazine is needed, a firm pull of the magazine will deploy it from the pouch with ease. The SAP2 has two rifle KYWI and one pistol KYWI to make sure the operator has sufficient ammunition to win a fight and get to safety.

VerTac designed the removable IFAK with the first-responder in mind. In times past, IFAKs have been mounted in not-so-easy to reach places, making it difficult to access your own medical equipment when needed. Traditionally, a partner or teammate would have to use your own medical equipment on you, if you sustained injury. The SAP2 features a removable IFAK that can be placed right on the patient, or yourself, so you can easily see the contents and grab the right tool to "stop the bleed." VerTac offers a "Life Saver" course that goes through their IFAK and it's contents, to teach the student how to  use life saving medical equipment in times of trauma.

A tourniquet pouch was intelligently integrated in the front, centerline portion of the placard. This makes deploying a tourniquet possible with either the left or right hand. You don't ever know if your arm will become compromised in a gunfight or traumatic situation, so it is important to be able to deploy and use a tourniquet with both hands. (It is also important to practice with both hands!)

VerTac offers the SAP2 in several colors, and can be found on their website:


VerTac has began outfitting police agencies with the SAP2 placard. The SAP2 can be seen on SWAT entry teams, VICE/Narcotic task forces, TEMS Medics, Patrol Officer active-shooter response rigs, and special-enforcement or undercover teams.

SWAT / Entry teams especially benefit from the SAP2 because all of the munitions are on the front of their plate carrier. This frees up room on the sides / backs of their plate carrier for mission-specific equipment, or operator preferences. More mission essential equipment can be carried on the belt-line, too, with munitions moved to the chest. 

Several real-world deployments of the SAP2 have been reported back to VerTac, to include several uses of the tourniquet, placed centerline on the placard. Please let us know when your SAP2 has saved a life... Its the reason why we took the time to make it.

We know this placard saves lives, but you need to have the placard with you to benefit from it. Group / Agency discounts are available.





*****round count may vary based on local laws. please refer to your state's law regarding magazine capacity.*****