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VerTac Cummerbund
VerTac Cummerbund
VerTac Cummerbund
VerTac Cummerbund
VerTac Cummerbund

VerTac Cummerbund

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Velcro Elastic Cummerbund 

Tired of your plate carrier bouncing when you run…
Tired of loosing gear from elastic holders…
Tired of your cummerbund  suffocating you 

These are just of the many symptoms of elastic-cummerbund-itis. A disease that affects many plate carriers.

Full elastic cummerbunds are great I guess. Until you need to run, or you actually get into a fight and your equipment is all over the ground like a nasty. But they look really cool though, especially if you never been in an actual fight.

One of the only functional cummerbunds on the market, VerTac and Esstac built a solution. Our cummerbund flexes when and where you need flex and is ridged when and where you don’t need flex.


  • Eliminates bounce while running or moving aggressively
  • Unique dual overlay rear elastic design allows the cummerbund to torque with your body when you lean around cover, stopping your plates/gear from sagging.
  • Stays tight to your body but lets you actually breath. Oxygen is good.

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Black, Coyote, Multicam, Multicam Black, Ranger Green